Ring of Elysium – Useful Tips & Tricks


Useful Tips & Tricks

-You can select any spawn point during the initial countdown; this can be useful for blocking a hot spot, and then clicking somwhere else during the final second.



-You can use Sprint to climb ladders faster, and also to slide down them.



-The mini-map tells you where climbable walls are (indicated by a red pickaxe icon).



-Cars do not always smoke prior to blowing up. So do not rely on that as an indicator. If your vehicle is getting shot at a lot, abandon it.



-SMG’s and pistols allow signifcantly faster movement while ADS’ing than do assault rifles or sniper rifles. Useful if you are trying to peak a corner and quickly get back into cover or just make yourself a harder target.



-You can move (albeit slowly) while healing. So, if you’re near a corner, you can start the healing process a little sooner knowing that you can still get behind that cover/corner.



-If you are in a ski lift (or vehicle with multiple seat), use CTRL+1,2,3,4 to shift seats. If you ADS, you can get a pretty good view of where you are going and potential enemies. You can also heal while in a passenger seat.



-Silenced weapons are extremely quiet – to the point where you can be within 30 ft of your opponent and they may not immediately know exactly where they are being targeted from. Use this to your advantage as you can fire off a quick burst, get behind cover, and if they lack cover (use at your own discretion) know that the enemy only has a vague idea – behind, left, etc.; of where you’re hitting them from.



-Smoke grenades aren’t just for obstructing vision; they emit a ‘hissing’ noise while active, and this can mask your footsteps if you know an enemy is nearby, and need that added stealth.



-If you’re in a vehicle with multiple seats, you can switch seats, not only to fire out, but you can heal as well!


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