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Rise of Nations – Useful Tips & Tricks

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Useful Tips & Tricks

1. City’s attack rate and damage will always be the same no matter how many peasants or foot units are garrisoned in it.


2. Slingers and Archer are both ranged units, but 2 Slingers is needed in a Tower or Fort to do 1 Archer’s work.


3. Don’t pile up resources for no reason. Use all of it to train the army, research, or build buildings if possible.


4. Building an Ore Smelter in an area of the City that has no Mine is useless. It’s the same with Granary and Lumber Mill, but Oil refineries affect all of your oil resources.


5. Build a new City near resources so you can later build resource enhancement building to benefit your resource gather rate. Resource building must be in the economic radius circle to gain this benefit.


6. Oil Refinery’s effect does stack, so build a few to maximize your Oil income. For example, 1 Oil Refinery will increase 33% Oil production rate while 2 will increase 66% and so on.


7. Try to upgrade your military units according to age to get the maximum potential. Try to overcome enemies with a better military. For example, Medieval units can kill Classical units more easily.


8. Do not forget Air Defences once your enemy reaches Industrial Age. One Air Defence is not enough to build as many as possible. Air defenses are cheap and can be constructed fast.


9. Siege Units are extremely useful. They can layer buildings extremely fast from a far distance. It’s not effective to use against enemy units, but there is some exception. E.g., Rocket Artillery can destroy tanks easily and can take quite a large chunk of damage.


10. Your siege units’ splash damage will affect your units.


11. Use the pause button (P) in the solo games whenever you need it or when you want to search for a strategic location to build City or buildings.


12. Spies and Generals are extremely useful. They can turn the tide of a battle in your favor if used properly. At least 2 generals and 4 spies are advisable as support units in battle.


13. Mass Bomber and Air Fighter is one of the easiest ways to win a battle or to destroy a massive amount of buildings and weaken ground units.


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