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Rise of the Triad Cheats

1 January 2019, Tuesday, 12:12:07


Enable the console in the options menu then press ~ or TAB to open the console. Type dipstick to enable cheats.


The following cheats are available:

God – Godmode

Fly – Flymode

Walk – Walkmode

Chojin – Godmode+infinity ammo+excalibat

Gunfinity – Infinite Ammo

Shootme – Bulletproof Armour

Burnme – Asbestos Armour

Vanilla – Bazooka

Hottimes – Heat-seeker

Booze – Drunk Missile

Splitem – Split Missile

Bones – Flamewall

Firebomb – Firebomb (lamest cheatcode ever)

Kesofdeath – Dark Staff

Homerun – Excalibat

Cujo – Dog Mode

Seeya – God Mode

Flyboy – Mercury Mode

Boing – Elasto Mode

Badtrip – Shrooms Mode

setsensitivity – Set mouse sensitivity

setres – Set your screen resolution

exit – Exit the game prostyle

disconnect – Don’t try this at home

reconnect – This either

gamma – Adjust your gamma!

showhud – Remove the HUD (great for screenshots)

capturemode – We think this does the same thing as showhud

say – It’s like talking

fly – For when you’ve had enough of walking

walk – For when you’ve had enough of flying

slomo – Enter the Matrix. Slomo from .1 to .9 to slow your roll, bro

start – Start a level

setgroundspeed – Gotta go fast!



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