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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – How to Spawn The Bots

24 November 2017, Friday, 0:36:55


How to Spawn The Bots

Play with 64 Bots

To spawn the bots you must press F3 for console and paste following line;

Open VNTE-CuChi?minplayers=64?maxplayers=64?timelimit=1 200


(You are free to replace VNTE-CuChi with the map and game mode you want).


“Timelimit 1” stands for amount of rounds you want and “200” serves as amount of seconds for a round.


In this tutorial we are going to use CuChi as an example because it is pretty good, then you must hit enter and you will be loading a map called CuChi or the one you chose, once in game you must press F3 again and type addbots 64 and voila you have 32 each side.


VNTE prefix stays for the game mode. In that order, if you wish to play on a map with another game mode, simply use this data.


SU – Song Be, An Lao Valley (VNSU)

TE – Cu Chi, Compound, Firebase, Hill 937, Hue City (VNTE)

SK – Compound, Firebase, Jungle Camp (VNSK)



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