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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – How to Use Traps Guide

20 May 2017, Saturday, 2:50:06


Traps are placed objects that trigger when someone walks into them, this guide will detail how to use the different kind of traps, how to use them, and how to use them effectively.



Who has the traps?

Only the Vietnamese have proper traps, Americans only have claymores and c4’s, which have to be manually detonated, unlike vietnamese traps.

Traps can ONLY be tripped by the opposing team, you and your own team can run over them all you want.

-The Vietnam rifleman has the punji trap
-The scout and sniper have tripwire traps
-The sapper has the MD-82 mines
-The American pointman and marksman have claymores



How to use the different kinds of traps

Tripwire trap

This trap is triggered by an American walking into the mine, it will then explode and kill said American.


It’s placed by first finding a proper spot in soft ground, then putting down a stake. This stake will hold the explosive, so this one should be the most hidden to make the trap harder to destroy, then you place another stake, within a white outline that you can see around the first stake. The area where you can place the second stake is fairly large.
Two sets can be placed at a time, and will explode if the grenade on it is shot




Placing the second stake, here you can see the white outline that shows how far away you can put it.





Punji trap

This trap is triggered by an American walking onto it, unlike the other explsive traps, this one uses a small board with spikes on it that come from the trap, that kills the American who steps on it.

It’s placed by finding soft ground, and left clicking. it will be visible as a fairly small bump, but it will disguise itself with the texture of the surrounding terrain.

Only one can be placed at a time.


Placed Punji Trap



MD-82 mine

This trap can be placed on BOTH hard AND soft ground. It will trigger when an American steps on it, and can easily take out multiple Americans. It takes the form of a small, grenade sized mine.

It’s placed by finding an appropiate spot, it just has to have enough clearance to fit the mine, then left-clicking. it will be visible as a small green spot, sticking a little out of the ground.

5 mines can be placed at once, and can be detonaded by being shot


Mine in the ground




This trap is the only placed explosive available to the Americans. It functions as a big shotgun, firing a lot of shrapnel in the direction it faces.

To place it, find a spot that has enough clearance for the mine itself, place it with left-click. It has a small explosive radius around it, so don’t stand on top when you detonate it. It’s then detonated my pressing right-mouse button while holding a claymore, then left clicking when you hold the detonator. Will not detonate if it is shot.


Placed claymore




Where to put the traps

General tips

Put the traps either somewhere you can’t watch all the time, in a point when retreating OR put them somewhere you don’t want the enemy to rush through. Traps are good at watching flanks, buildings and tunnels.


Tripwire trap

Place this somewhere it won’t be immediately obvious, as the wire is fairly easy to spot, hide the stake holding the grenade because if it is hit, then it will explode. Placing it in foilage, right after a hilltop or right around a corner are all good spots for it. It can also be good even if it is very visible, as it can prevent an enemy from rushing a doorway.



Punji trap

Place this anywhere on soft ground, it’s hard to spot so it doesn’t have to be very hidden.

My favorite place to put them, is right after the doorframe on tunnels, as it will be somewhat hidden by the doorframe, and keep the tunnel safe.



MD-82 Mine

Place this in doorways and narrow spaces, it can be very good to hide it amongst rubble or just after a doorframe, as it doesn’t pop much out of the ground. make sure to put out all 5.




Just put it anywhere you would point a shotgun, just be aware that you can’t protect yourself if the enemy comes from any other direction, and there is a small delay from your mouse clicking to the claymore exploding.



Countering traps

The best way to counter traps is just to watch your step, most traps can be seen if you have a sharp eye.

When playing as pointmen, enemy traps will be highlighted in RED, you can prone and then press USE on the trap in order to remove it safely, you can do this with your own traps as well.

-Explosions, like grenades will remove traps, and so will artillery.

-In fact, artillery is probably the best way to clear a place for traps.


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