Risk of Rain 2 – Character Unlocks Guide

Unlocking Risk of Rain 2 Characters (Cheat)

First ensure RoR2 is closed. Then enter the following path (if you have a different installation path, enter accordingly)


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\109675522\632360\remote\UserProfiles


Open the XML Document (Should be only one if you have one profile)


Add the following to the XML Document at the very end:




Character Unlocks / Unlockable Characters


He’s there the moment you start playing, nothing else to say about him.




Just as the log entry said, just beat 3 levels in a row and there she is, ready to shoot at stuff for eternity.




Beat the first level 5 times, not including teleport, so you can go and die of fall damage if you wish to do so, for some reason. Have fun, tho!




Sacrifice yourself to the obelisk, which requires you to luck out on getting an event message in your chat log saying “A celestial orb has appeared”. You then are required to kill the boss before the teleporter is powered up, and a white blue portal will take you to an obelisk and when killing yourself at it, you will unlock the mercenary.




Beat 30 levels.




Requires 10 Luna Coins, which drop at a low rate (Higher chance at higher difficulties), and is bought from the newt shop.


-Get 11 lunar coins.

-Activate a lunar(?) shrine, costs 1 coin.

-Get the message “a blue orb has appeared.”

-Beat the level, don’t teleport.

-Look around for a blue portal, and you’ll get to buy them for 10 lunar coins in a special shop.


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