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ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

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PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

The controls listed below are the default controls;



Misc Controls

Help – F1

Backlog – F2, Insert

Auto Mode – F3, Delete

Tips – F4

Load – F5

Save – F6

Daily Record – F7

Config – F9

Title Menu – F10

Toggle Full Screen – F11

Screenshot – F12



Important Controls

Exit Game – Escape

System Menu – 1

Back / Hide Text – Backspace

To progress the text on the screen, you can press either the arrow key buttons or the enter/space keys.




The Q and left ctrl keys force to skip all text


The E and page right keys only skip text you’ve read before. (Unless you change it in your settings)



Info Achievements

To Enter your Phonedroid (This game’s equivalent of the flip phone), press either z or c


Your Phonedroid allows you to view your location and scan information around the world using the IRUO app. It also allows you to view and write tweets using the Twip app.


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