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RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic Cheat Codes

13 October 2017, Friday, 1:34:05


Cheat Codes

This game is made using Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, so there’s good chance that the “cheats” for RCT 2 work in this game. You can use them to your advantage.


Chris Sawyer – Takes pictures of all the rides.


Simon Foster – Draws pictures of all the rides.


John Wardley – Thinks, ”Wow!” all the time.


John Mace – Pays twice as much for stuff.


Damon Hill – Drives his Go-Kart at double speed.


Mr. Bean – Drives his Go-Kart at half speed.


Katie Brayshaw – Waves at all your guests.


Melanie Warn – Gets really happy and doesn’t leave.


Andy Hine – Shouts out gibberish after getting off rides.


Elissa White – Loves the Intamin rides.


David Ellis – Starts to describe all the rides.



Most of the names don’t do much, but naming lots of peeps ‘John Mace‘ will totally up your cash and making a horde of ‘Melanie Warn’ clones will send your park happiness rating through the roof!



You’ll have troubles if you try to name everyone the same thing though. You have to mix it up a bit by rearranging the capital letters in people’s names like this:


-John Mace

-jOhn Mace

-joHn Mace




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