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Runner3 – What’s This? Achievement Guide

23 May 2018, Wednesday, 11:23:51

What’s This? Achievement 

 What’s This?
Head off the Beaten Path…



Unkle Dill

In the level 1-6 Run A Fowl, you will come across this trampoline on the Gold Run past the checkpoint.



Jump over this one and clouds will appear under your feet to help you reach the hidden one just past it.




In the level 3-2: Subpar Contraption, follow the Gold Run path till you get to the first split in the path. After going towards the gold path, switch over to an extra path in the middle.



At the end of here, you’ll want to do a massive double jump while trying to get the maximum distance. Get ready when you land because you won’t have much time to react to a quick jump then slide. Luckily it isn’t too far from the start of the level.



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