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Rusty Lake Paradise – Spitting Larva Achievement Guide

11 January 2018, Thursday, 20:28:41


Spitting Larva Achievement 

Story related: After you find the axe, go to the middle of the woods where the man-eating plant is, you’ll see a tree with a red “X” on it. Zoom in, use the axe to bring it down and a path will open and you’ll find a clearing with Jakob on a table telling his blood sugar is low.




You’ll need to give him: The honey from the hombcomb somewhere in the forest (there’s a puzzle in order to get the honey off of it) The berries in the plant on the right and there’s also another tree with X on it, but smaller, zoom in and use your axe on it to recieve a jug of sap.

When you add all these three ingredients on his table, he’ll attract so many flies he’ll get swarmed and become… a disgusting huge larva. That spits.





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