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Sailaway – The Sailing Simulator PC Keyboard Controls

27 February 2018, Tuesday, 21:09:31


Ship Controls

Steering left: A, Arrow left

Steering right: D, Arrow right

Select next line: E

Select last line: Q

Pull selected line: W, Arrow Up, Mouse Wheel (scroll up)

Ease selected line: S, Arrow Down, Mouse Wheel (scroll down)

Select line: Mouse Left click

Pull/Ease line: Mouse Left click, Drag and Drop

Stop selecting a line: Mouse Right click

Pull mainsail (without selected line): W, Arrow Up

Ease mainsail (without selected line): S, Arrow Down




Camera Controls

Look around: Mous Left/Right click

Zoom in/out: Mouse Wheel

Zoom in/out faster: Numpad + / –

Next point of view: Page Up

Last point of view: Page Down

Hide UI: Left Control + Left Shift + U

Screenshot: F12




Map Controls

Moving map: Mouse Left click

Zoom: Mouse Wheel when mouse is hovered over the map

Faster zoom: Numpad + and – when mouse is hovered over the map



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