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Sairento VR Controls

6 February 2018, Tuesday, 21:10:58



Sairento offers a wide range of locomotion. In order to be a true cyber ninja, it is in your best interest to master all the moves by heart.



Dash – The simplest way to move about in the game is through the dashing ability. To dash, hold down the touchpad, aim at ground level and release. Tip: If the locomotion arrows are white, it indicates a dash.


Walking (Optional) – For those who prefer a stealthy option instead of dashing around, you can try out the walking locomotion. You can activate this movement using the touchpad in your non master hand. Be sure to enable “Touchpad Locomotion” in settings.


Jump – Get around more quickly and swiftly by jumping. Activate by holding down the jump button, raise aim to desired jump arc and release. Acceleration can be activated in a jump. Use these 2 motions to execute stylish stealth kills.

Tip: If the locomotion arrows are green, it indicates a jump.


Multiple Jumps – You can perform more than one jump, depending on your skill level and equipped relics. At the tip of a normal jump, repeat holding down the jump button to select your next jump arc and release.

Note: Accelerate will auto activate whenever the jump button is held down to allow planning of next move.


Wall Run – Holding down jump, point at the wall at an acute angle (less than 90 degrees) and release to wall run. You will run along that length of the wall for a short distance. It will end early if you run out of running space or are blocked.

Tip: If the locomotion arrows are blue, it indicates a wall run.


Power Slide – During a jump, before landing, crouch and you will slide in the direction of the jump.


Bullet Time – Equipped with the ability to slow time, also known as acceleration throughout the game, you are a deadly threat to your foes. To activate, simply hold down jump or press the Menu Button (Vive only) in your non master hand. This ability can be enhanced through based on skill level and equipped relics.


Back Flip (Optional) – For those who want to bring your cyber-ninjaism to the next level, you can turn on this moveset in the Settings menu. To activate, perform a jump with both hands above your head. Be sure to get ready your puke bucket! Be warned!


Ground Slam (Learn from Skill Tree) – During a jump, before landing, crouch with at least one hand at ground level to perform a Ground Slam.



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