SAS: Zombie Assault 4 – Multiplayer Game Modes Guide


Multiplayer Game Modes 

– Quickmatch: Find 3 random people to play.

– Private Match: Allows to play with friends (in this mode you can choose map).



*Apocalypse: The aim is to survive as many waves as possible until all players are down at the same time
* Last Man Standing: The goal of this event is to stay alive the longest. Your ally is your enemy.


Event Prizes:

Bronze (Top 75%): Neodymium Box, 2 HMG Turrets and 3 SAS Cred Packs
Silver (Top 50%): Promethium Box, 2 Molybdenum Boxes and 5 SAS Cred Packs
Gold (Top 25%): 3 Thulium Boxes, 4 Molybdenum Boxes and 9 SAS Cred Packs
Platinum (Top 10%): 3 Nantonium Boxes, 4 Promethium Boxes and 12 SAS Cred Packs
Diamond (Top 1%): 4 Nantonium Boxes, 5 Promethium Boxes and 20 SAS Cred Packs


– Nighmare: It costs one Nightmare ticket to play. You have five tickets per day. Zombies are much tougher, and each map is individually redesigned. In addition, Nightmarish zombies exist, which are much larger than normal, and have the Nightmarish buff, which heavily increases their health, size, and damage, as well as 75% resistances to all types of damage. (They also have red labels when moused over.) Even a group of players at lower levels may meet bosses such as Nightmarish Savage Devastators or a swarm of Nightmarish Elite Necrosis, which can often lead to the death of lower leveled levels due to them not having tough enough equipment due to their levels and due to the bosses having all these Nightmarish buffs.

Nightmarish zombies have 10x health and 10x damage, are larger than normal.


– Contracts:
There are mini missions in this mode. You play on different maps. These are:

Crash Site
Uranium Mine
Sea Lab


*Ammo Recovery: Involves collecting ammunition caches scattered throughout the map and returning them to the spawn location.
*Data Revival: Involves hacking into various computer terminals to retrieve data.
*Support Weapons Shipment: Defense contract that involves protecting various crates from zombie attacks.
*Zombie Hotspot: Zombie Hotspot is an assault contract in which you have to kill as many zombies as possible.


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