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Satisfactory Controls

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The default controls of Satisfactory are as follows:


  • WASD – movement


  • Space – jump / in vehicles: brake/crafting table: hold to create items and objects (instead of LMB)


  • Left mouse button – choose options / attack


  • Right mouse button – building menu after pointing to an object- add items to the list of needed resources / alternative attack


  • E – interaction button


  • R – reload


  • Mouse wheel – rotating objects


  • Left Ctrl – building in mesh mode


  • Tab – equipment


  • Q – building menu


  • F – deconstruction tools


  • C – resource scanner


  • X – message and blueprint box


  • Z – map


  • Space + 1-9 – shortcuts.


You can assign more objects from the building menu to shortcuts to speed up the time needed to create a factory and to construct more often used buildings. When you open up the building menu (by pressing Q), click the cursor on the object/building you often use and press the number. From now on, the chosen structure will be available under the chosen button.



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