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Saurian – Acheroraptor

3 August 2017, Thursday, 13:49:55


Scent Color: Orange

Note: Herbivores have green scent, carnivores have orange scent, and carcasses have purple scent.





Dakotaraptor shares its neighborhood with another raptor species: the Acheroraptor. These are much smaller raptors that will be the absolute bane of your existance as a hatchling and juvenile. Acheroraptors love to eat hatchling dakotaraptors, and when you become a juvenile they will become your main competitor for food. The solution? As a hatcling avoid them whenever possible. As a juvenile it is possible to hunt Acheroraptors if you have the advantage, but it is quite risky. Avoid them otherwise. As a subadult and adult, they are no longer a threat and are a good food source.

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