Saurian – Chamops



Scent Color: Green

Chamops are the smallest animals in Saurian, and will be your main food source during the first half of the game as hatchling and juvenile. Trust me, they are not worth the effort once you get larger. They are tiny morsels that are by no means easy to catch. No such thing as a free lunch right? They are incredibly hard to find due to their small size, and are also really fast and unpredictable.




The best way to find them is to use your nose. Smelling for them is a good tactic, as once you spot their tiny green puff on the ground you’ll know there is one in the area, though you cannot smell them directly. This is what your ears are for. When frightened they’ll scitter across the ground, making this unmistakeable scittering noise, which will help you to locate it. This especially helps at night and in dense foliage where either vision is low or the lizard hides itself. So now, it’s time to move in for the kill. Trying to chase it is practically impossible, as they turn so erratically you simply cannot keep up. Your best bet is to taunt it and wait for the right moment. Chamops after quick bursts of fleeing will hold still and rest. This is when you charge in and go for the kill.

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