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Saurian – Dakotaraptor Survival Guide

3 August 2017, Thursday, 13:25:45


Dakotaraptor Survival

Baby dakotaraptors, as adorable as they are, probably have it the hardest. It doesn’t help that you are practically on your own at birth, as your parents only really offer as bodyguards, and it is not uncommon for your parents to meet their end shortly after you’re born. So what’s a baby Dakotaraptor to do? Luckily there are some food sources about. Chamops should make up a majority of your diet, with the minority being either carrion or kills your parents have made.




Juvenile (Age 1)
Juvenile dakotaraptors, while having a better grasp on the world around them, don’t have it much better. Forever on your own at this stage, you have to watch out for all manners of predators, ESPECIALLY acheroraptors and other dakotaraptors. A juvenile’s diet is not much different from a hatchling’s. Chamops should still be your main food source, but one can hunt acheroraptors, albiet at high risk.


Subadult (Age 3)
At this stage a dakotaraptor feels more free and secure about the world around him. At this point in your raptor life, there are alot less threats you have to worry about and alot more things you can eat. You have grown out of lizards and now acheroraptors and smaller dakotaraptors should be your main diet. You could try pachycephalosaurs, but it is a risky affair.


Adult (Age 6)
You have reached the end. Congrats! The adult dakotaraptor is as big and as bad as you can get.


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