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Scavenger SV-4 – How to Play & Controls

2 February 2018, Friday, 19:51:46


How to Play & Controls

You are free to move about your ship.

By default, movement is on the WASD keys, and looking around is accomplished via the mouse, as per the usual convention for FPS games.

Remember, in orbit, you are in free fall, and thus floating in zero-G microgravity. Use E and C to move yourself up and down. It’s a touch disorienting at first, but that’s spaceflight for you. (Or you can disable zero-G in the config tool.)

You can interact with door buttons and with terminals. By default, these objects will glow slightly when moused over within arm’s reach, and the crosshair at the center of the screen will change from a red X into a green + to indicate that they can be used. (These selection assistance aids can also be turned off via the config tool.)

By default, use the left mouse button to use things, and the right mouse button to stop using them.

Press Escape to pull up the in-game menu at any time. From there, you can save and exit your game, or permanently abandon the current expedition. The game will be paused while this menu is open.

Note that all of these controls can be remapped, and that many other setups are also possible. Use the Config Tool or Options button on the main menu.


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