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Scavenger SV-4 – Useful Hints

2 February 2018, Friday, 20:04:08


Useful Hints

• There is nothing inherently special about the center display screen in the rover uplink, except that it is large. You can put a camera on any screen.

• The large center screen is great for getting a better look at the contents of a small screen. Drag the small screen onto the center screen, take a good look, and then do the same thing again to swap them back.

• You probably don’t need all the gear provided on the rover by default. Go into the config tool, in the Starting Equipment tab, and select only what you like. Future new games will start with only that gear.

• The radiation tends to knock your terminals offline. Reboot them in engineering, at the back of the ship.

• Every new game takes place in a different universe, a different “might have been”. Discoveries you make in one game may or may not apply to another, but they will always be useful within that run.

• Some modules interact with other modules, both positively and negatively. A found map might draw data on your survey map, or a targetting computer might improve a missile lock, or so on.

• If you run a power controller, put it on top of the list. You can make a paradox otherwise, where the power controller only has enough power to work if it isn’t getting enough power to work. This flickering is amusing, but not what you likely wanted.


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