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SCUM – How Disable AA (AntiAliasing)

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How to Disable AA (AntiAliasing)

If you need more FPS, you can easily disable AntiAliasing. This option will cap your fps at 144 (depending on your rig). FPS Increase around 30+ more.


Follow these steps:


1. Go to C:\Users\ComputerName\AppData\Local\SCUM\



2. Double click to open “GameUserSettings.ini.


3. Search for “sg.AntiAliasingQuality=” and change its value to 0! Save it and make the file ‘read only,’ and apply. This will also make your game sharper, but for low-end PC’s it’s a huge improvement. If you want it in between (not too sharp and not too blurry, just change it to 1)


PS: Before you make this edit, make sure it’s not set on read-only already.


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