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SCUM – Single-Player Tips & Tricks

29 August 2018, Wednesday, 21:46:56

Single-Player Tips & Tricks

-Avoid the towns when you start. There will be a lot of empty cupboards to search and you’ll also come across more zombies.



-When that hand icon pops up on the screen to search for rocks, do it. A few rocks will allow you to craft a basic knife via your crafting menu.



-Use your basic stone knife to cut down bushes and shrubs (read the next point).



-You can usually search for rocks from the same place you cut down the shrubs/bushes etc. If you can, make sure you craft the basic spear. (Tip: if you chop down the shrubs/bushes and search for rocks in the same place, you can craft from whatever is on the floor, so you don’t need to pick them up).



-There are different branches and twigs, and the spear needs the longer variety. So get to know what comes from each kind of bush/shrub.



-When you have that spear, hold down your left mouse button to aim and then release it to launch. When you release it it’s gone for good, so make it count.



-Find a lonely zombie in a field or forest and launch your newly crafted spear at its face.



-Loot it. If the zombie is wearing combat pants, then those will be yours when you kill it. That means you’ll have more pockets and you can pick up more loot. So take note of what it’s wearing as it’s usually a clue.



-If you want to loot buildings, aim for police stations etc. You’ll usually find weapons or combat gear within them.



-The scroll wheel is your friend. The scroll wheel determines how fast you move. Even when you stop and then start again, it will remember and commence at that pace. When in combat, the scroll wheel also determines how fast you can back away from a zombie, so scroll it forward to move away faster, and when it’s taking a brief rest, punch your fist through its face. Just keep and eye on your stamina.



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