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Secret Neighbor – Secret Achievements Guide

Secret Achievements

Crisis manager – As a Leader, encourage 200 people by your ability.

Fear Nothing – Win without seeing the Neighbor for the whole match.

First one! – Be the first child to get into the basement door.

Keymaster – As a Bagger, fill all 4 slots with keys.

No Crows Allowed – Exile a raven 5 times in one game.

One man Army – Open all locks in one game by yourself.

Sherloсk – As a Detective, find 4 keys by the photo in one game.

Totally Secret Neighbor – Win without turning into a Neighbor even once per match.

UNGRABBABLE! – Get caught in the hands of a Neighbor five times in one game and survive.

You shall not pass! – Win as a Neighbor while the basement door is open.


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