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Secret of Mana Cheats

15 February 2018, Thursday, 23:09:59



You can increase the item limit in the options, totally breaking the game’s balance. It’s at four as in the original by default.



How do I get the special items?

Magic Rope

This is in the Gaia’s Navel cave complex, in a dead end room. You can access this room in the area following the release of the water to cool the magma blocking your path. The room below will have a path to a dead end cave flanked by two Goblin Kids, this is where the Magic Rope is. Don’t miss this item! It is very useful!



Moogle Belt

Midway through the game, you will gain free world travel through the Flammie drum, you will be able to get an item that will solve Kakara’s water problem. You will receive the Moogle Belt after taking the item to Kakara village.


Flammie Drum

You get this item automatically as the story progresses, midway through.


Midge Mallet

After getting Flammie, return to the Dwarf Village and talk to the Elder, he will give you the Midge Mallet.



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