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Secret World Legends – Monster & Mission Classification Guide

31 July 2017, Monday, 20:42:36


Monster & Mission Classification

The “mission” system in Secret World Legends isn’t like most games…some of them are quite elaborate. They’re determined by your overall SP spent in Talismans which increases important base stats (Health Points, Magical Resistance, Physical Resistance) which would dramatically improve survivability.


An Example, if you have SP RANK 4 on one Talisman, then the mission scale system thinks that you can handle QL4-5 monsters.



Monster Circle Color

-Green much weaker than you
-Blue weaker than you
-White roughly same strength as you
-Yellow stronger than you, moderately
-Orange stronger
-Red clearly stronger



Monster Circle’s

-3 Small Dots minor mob belonging to a group of similar mobs. Attacking one will always make its friends attack you.
-1 Big Dot normal mob, stand-alone and single. But social aggro exists so if you attack a mob that is too close to others, those others mobs will attack you too, most often.
-Skull(s) a major mob, above regular ones, usually classifie a an *elite*.
-Crown a boss, usually named mob, sometimes used as missions target. Harder than a “one skull” mob.
-Skull with crown a major boss, *elite boss*.
-Skull + crown + wings World bosses.



Mission Difficulty

-Very Easy – You’ll have no troube handling yourself on this mission.
-Easy – The mission is still easy, but don’t over estimate the enemy.
-Normal – There is some diffcult tasks, but there should be no problem.
-Hard – You likely to die unless, you use tactic’s to complete the job.
-Very Hard – Hit & Run tactic’s seem to work very well on these.
-Devistating – There’s no shame in asking for help, from other people.




-Very Easy, Easy and Normal – will give you the player 100% of the XP granted from the mission.
-Hard – will give you the player 95% of the XP granted from the mission.
-Very Hard – will give you the player 85% of the XP granted from the mission.
-Devistating – will give you the player 35% of the XP granted from the mission.



Mission Icons

-Story – The main story of the game…past, present, or future.
-Action – Defeat Enemeis, Fight off Invasions, or Discover behavior paterns of monsters
-Investigation – Puzzles, Code-Breaking
-Sabatoge – Stealth, Evading Enemies, Hacking
-Item – Flavor type that gives detail bacground into TSW.
-Scenario – Mini-instances scaled on group size, random encounters, rewards are based on players success.
-Faction – Your Society Missions Templar, Illuminati, or Dragon
/PvP – Eliminate 10 Players, Capture Anima Well, Capture Facility for Society Buffs
-Seasonal – Halloween: Kill Jack O’Lantern, Christmas: Kill Krampus, Etc.
-Event – Usually QL 10.5 endgame server raids



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