Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour Cheat Codes


Cheat Codes

Press the console key `or tilde ~ (between the Tab and ESC keys) and type “e_cheats 1” to enable the developer cheats. Note this will show “Cheats enabled” in the top right of you screen. Turning off cheats again via “e_cheats 0” marks your current game as “Cheated” in the top right of the game.



Cheat Code     Effect

god 1      God Mode

unlimitedammo 1     Infinite Ammo

unlimiteddash 1        Infinite Dash

listenemies       You will get a list of all enemies (actors) in a level

change_level     Switches to the given level.
Example: change_level levels/e1m2.lvl

give_ammo    Gives an amount of ammo for a weapon.
Example: give_ammo rockets 20

give_armor     Gives an amount of armor.
Example: give_armor 50

give_experience     Gives an amount of experience.
Example: give_experience 10

give_health     Gives an amount of health.
Example: give_health 50

give_perk      Gives a perk.
Example: give_perk flashbang-1

give_stars      Gives an amount of stars.
Example: give_stars 7

give_weapon      Give a weapon of the given type.
Example: give_weapon rocketlauncher

kill      Kills the player.

killall      Kills all enemies alive in the level.

knowall      Unlock all Netricsa messages.

levelup    Level up an amount of levels.
Example: levelup 5

set_flag      Sets a level flag.
Example: set_flag paper1 true true

e_cheats     Enables or disables cheats.

god     Whether the player is invincible.

noclip     Whether the player can walk through colliding units.

infiniteammo     Whether the player has an infinite amount of ammo.

infinitedash     Whether the player can dash an infinite amount of times.

clientfollowshost    When in splitscreen, the second player will follow the first player around.

g_scale     The rendering scale.

g_timescale      The time scale.

turbo    Player walking speed multiplier.


Note: Cheats will disable your ability to get achievements however and a little red “Cheats Enabled” text appears in the top-right of your screen.


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