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Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The Hidden City – High Diving – Challenge Walkthrough

14 September 2018, Friday, 12:12:09

The Hidden City – High Diving – Challenge Walkthrough

Jump off all four high dives. The high dives look like makeshift diving boards. To swan dive, press [spacebar] followed by [C].



1/4 – As you first enter [], after completing the section where you have to grapple axe and swing.



2/4 – In the north west corner of the area with the abandoned huts, there is a wall you can scramble up. Shoot a rope arrow to the platform across the water, complete the climb to the high dive, and swan dive into the pond from it.


Note: There is a crypt here, the crypt icon on the map might help you find the right location.



3/4 – This one requires some serious exploration to find, but hopefully the images below will help you.




4/4 – When standing by the altar by the rice fields in the northernmost part of Paititi, you can see a barrier to your left. Break the barrier to gain access to the high dive. Note: This requires the enhanced knife which can cut braided rope.




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