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Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition Cheats

8 January 2019, Tuesday, 11:58:10


Cheat Mode:

Press Alt + F1 to enable ‘Cheat’ mode and then click ‘CMD’ at the top-left corner and type the following codes to enable the corresponding effect.



Gain Indicated AP:

Type ‘addAP (number)’



Gain Indicated Karma to Current Player:

Type ‘addKarma (number)’



Active Player Dies:

Type ‘suicide’



End Team’s Turn:

Type ‘endturn’



Every Action has 100% Hit Chance:

Type ‘toggleNeverMiss’



Super Speed, Invincibility, High Damage:

Type ‘toggleGodMode’



Kill ALL Enemies in Specified Radius:

Type ‘slaughter (number)’



Kill ALL Visible Enemies:

Type ‘deathray’



Restore AP:

Type ‘restoreAP’



Set HP:

Type ‘setHP (number)’



Stun ALL Visible Enemies:

Type ‘stunray””’



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