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Shadwen PC Cheat Codes

23 November 2016, Wednesday, 21:41:17


Press F8 during the Game.



Cheat Code   Result

cheat.makeAiBlindAndDeaf() – Makes enemies not react to player

cheat.makeChildUndetectable() – Makes the child undetectable

cheat.makeChildNotMove() – Makes the child stay still

cheat.changeCharacter() – Changes the character you control

cheat.giveAll() – Gives you all the items and trap weapons in the game.

cheat.giveTraps() – Gives you one of each trap type used in the game.

cheat.giveItems() – Gives you one of each item in the game, excluding weapons such as traps

cheat.giveCraftingMaterials() – Gives you all of the games crafting materials

cheat.giveCraftingRecipes() – Gives you all of the games crafting recipes

cheat.givePoisonDartMine() – Gives 1 poison dart mine

cheat.giveProximityMine() – Gives you 1 proximity mine


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