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Shoppe Keep 2 – Achievement Guide

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How to get all the achievements!



4EB0C2F6 3113 4B27 8D1E 374A47DFD450 First Item
Sell first item


FE69C18D 7EE3 4854 99F0 F7D001330086 Quester
Complete 5 quests


77D91424 5B1A 4EA0 A568 E2FBF14BF5FD Strength in a hammer
Fix 50 durability


6C901C98 7138 4552 B1BB B0FA8B7BEC66 Customerania Revenue Inspection
Pay 100 Mun’s in Tax


240F52D7 93AD 48C7 AC47 9B102D0C6653 You can’t cook yourself
Talk to the Cook


23C2D150 D202 4371 A848 840D52764213 Hammer Hitter
Talk to the Blacksmith


ECD4A309 C3FC 495C 83EF E0EB36303584 Clean floor, clean mind
Clean 50 durability


BE6D4C4A DC30 4523 B0E5 A9AA6F2BB671  Brewing Potion good and bad
Talk to the Alchemist


B302B867 1A8A 4444 8CE4 9FDBD7C83BBC But why?
Visit the burning tree


8AF551FE 0824 47ED 8B55 31631FA16850 Cold Killer
Kill a customer


CD53FFBE 6A22 4513 84C6 9BFC335FA02D Swipers again
Kill a thief


E4B4D943 8384 4058 A4E7 69BC465B3BB1 Traitor
Kill a player (or get to low HP from an enemy and eat raw meat)


218B7B13 B926 4D5C 863D 4AC5467A27FA Raw Catch of the day
Catch 15 Raw Fish


2BEA9782 204E 4362 96AA 47C5552C1DF4 Sell other work
Complete 100 crafting recipes


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