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Shoppe Keep 2 – Achievement Guide

5 May 2018, Saturday, 17:16:26


How to get all the achievements!



 First Item
Sell first item


Complete 5 quests


 Strength in a hammer
Fix 50 durability


 Customerania Revenue Inspection
Pay 100 Mun’s in Tax


 You can’t cook yourself
Talk to the Cook


 Hammer Hitter
Talk to the Blacksmith


 Clean floor, clean mind
Clean 50 durability


  Brewing Potion good and bad
Talk to the Alchemist


 But why?
Visit the burning tree


 Cold Killer
Kill a customer


 Swipers again
Kill a thief


Kill a player (or get to low HP from an enemy and eat raw meat)


 Raw Catch of the day
Catch 15 Raw Fish


 Sell other work
Complete 100 crafting recipes



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