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Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Cheats

5 April 2017, Wednesday, 19:46:47


To activate these cheats, enter the correct phrase when you choose the name for you profile. Don’t worry, the name for your profile won’t be the cheat code, you’ll be allowed to name your profile after the code is entered. Once activated, a cheat code will remain active permanently, but only for the one profile.


Code   Effect
NO&SEPIA    Sepia-tinted scenes are normal color
SP&JOHNY   Play as Donovan even in other armor
S&CBHR    Stick and slowly slide down walls
C&MVRKHNT   Stick and slowly slide down walls + blue pallete (Mega Man Mode)
S&GUST   Permanently Powered Up – deal increase damage and projectiles from the Risk Armor powerup.
PR&RONE    Infinite Super Skeleton Summons
PR&RTWO    Infinite Super Caltrops
G&RAIL     Start with Rail Mail, increases rail speeds
F&RAIL       Increases speed on rails
A&RAIL     Can rail without pressing down using Rail Mail

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