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Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Console Commands

20 April 2018, Friday, 23:08:34

Console Commands 

ENTER – Opens chat window

/friend <name> – Adds player to friend list

/unfriend <name> – Removes player from friend list

/block <name> – Adds player to block list

/unblock <name> – Removes player from block list

/w <name>, <text> – Sends a message to <name> (don’t forget the comma)

/r <text> – Reply to the last message you received

/p <text> – Send a message to your party

/g <text> – Send a message to your guild

/l <text> – Send a message to your surroundings

/loc – Gives you the location in coordinates in the world

/bug – Opens the bug forums and puts helpful info for filing the bug in your paste buffer

/stuck – Resets your position

/follow – Automatically follow your target

/AFK – Sit down and enter AFK mode

/visible – Makes your avatar invisible (useful for screenshots)

/home – Teleports to your home

/summon – Summons that player to you

/summonparty – Summons your party to you

/<emote> – Performs the listed emote


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