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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – Governors Guide

7 February 2018, Wednesday, 23:27:06



Recruit, appoint, and upgrade powerful characters with unique specialization bonuses and promotion trees to customize your cities and reinforce Loyalty.

• Each Governor gives a different set of bonuses to the city it is assigned to. roughout the game Civilizations can earn more Governor Titles, which can be spent on new Governors or existing Governors upgrades.

• The different Governors can be moved around to different cities whenever needed. their Loyalty bonus is applied immediately, but it takes a few turns for their other bonuses to be applied.

• Beware of enemy spies that can neutralize Governors for several turns. Governors also help with their city’s Loyalty. A city with a Governor has increased Loyalty to the civilization and is harder to flip.




AMANI – The Diplomat – Messenger

• Ability – Can be assigned to a City-State, where she acts as additional envoys.

• Promotions – Emissary, Prestige, Affluence, Promoter, Puppeteer


LIANG – The Surveyor – Guildmaster

• Ability – All builders trained in city get additional build charges.

• Promotions – Infrastructure, Aquaculture, Zoning Commissioner, Amusement, Parks and recreation


MAGNUS – The Steward – Groundbreaker

• Ability – Increased yields from plot harvests and feature removals in city.

• Promotions – Surplus Logistics, Provision, Industrialist, Black Marketeer, Vertical Integration


MOKSHA – The Cardinal – Bishop

• Ability – Religious pressure to adjacent cities is stronger from this city.

• Promotions – Grand Inquisitor, Divine Architect, Laying on of Hands, Citadel of God, Patron Saint


PINGALA – The Educator – Librarian

• Ability – Increase in Science and Culture generated by the city.

• Promotions – Connoisseur, Researcher, Grants, Arms Race Proponent, Space Initiative


REYNA – The Financier – Land Acquisition

• Ability – Acquire new tiles in city faster.

• Promotions – Harbormaster, Foreign Exchange, Tax Collector, Contractor, Curator


VICTOR – The Castellan – Redoubt

• Ability – Increases city garrison Combat Strength.

• Promotions – Garrison Commander, Defense Logistics, Security Expert, Embrasure, Air Defense Initiative


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