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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Where to Construct Cities

16 July 2017, Sunday, 18:30:35



Cities should be constructed in locations with plenty of food and production, and with accessible resources. It’s also critical early in the game to build a city on a hex with access to water, like a river or coastal hex, as sources of water are very important to a growing population. Without water, you doom your people to a harsh existence in a small city. Cities constructed on hills gain a defensive bonus, making it harder for enemies to capture them.


Later in the game, when city settlement locations near water become more scarce due to the number of cities on the map, you can provide water to a new city by building an Aqueduct district, provided there are mountains, rivers, or an oasis within 2 hexes of your new city Choose your city locations wisely!


There is one main restriction, and that’s that you cannot build a city within 3 hexes of another city or adjacent to another Civ’s City borders.

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