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Slay the Spire – Potions

8 January 2018, Monday, 15:32:44



Elixir- Probably the weakest potion of the bunch, removing curse and status cards from your hand. The most niche card with very few enemies able to effectively fill your deck with garbage. It also has the least immediate effect on the battlefield.

Draw Potion- One of the strongest potions you could possibly get, it’s possible to turn the entire battle around with this thing if you get lucky enough, though it has its unfortunate downside if used poorly. If you use it without any energy, you’re rolling the dice to see what cards you get rid of for the most part, this can be good and it can be bad with what cards it gets rid of. If you are effectively managing your cards, however, it’s more bad than good.

Fire Potion- A really good potion for bosses or strong single enemies, 20 flat damage is not bad.

Explosive Potion- The sibling to the Fire Potion, worse than the Fire Potion for single enemies but good for groups. 10 damage among all enemies is not bad.

Poison Potion- 6 flat poison onto an enemy, a delayed damage worth of 6+5+4+3+2+1=21. More effective on The Silent due to the fact poison is much stronger when stacked as it has more numbers to go through.

Protection Potion- 12 block for just popping this sucker, really good in a pinch when you’re about to die.

Regen Potion- The hardest potion to use effectively, best used for easy encounters so you can get a net positive HP regain or hard encounters where the healing just acts as a +3 block every turn. Heals 3 HP per turn for 5 turns.

Dex/Str Potions- Grouping these two together because they’re basically the same thing for different stats, +2 Dex or +2 Str, really good. I would say the Dex potion is better due to the account that blocking is very important.

Weak Potion- One of the potions on the less impactful side, certainly helps in keeping your sorry self alive, three turns of weak on the enemy is good. Sadly, Weak is the one status ailment that gets stuff like this that ailments like Vulnerability or Frail would really like. In fact, a potion of Frail would be the only way to get it yourself for this game.

Energy Potion- One of the better potions if you know what you’re doing, two extra energy for the turn is really potent, especially with the Draw potion.



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