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Slay the Spire – Powerful Achievement Guide

14 January 2018, Sunday, 14:53:43


Powerful Achievement

BB377C6B-B981-4E16-BD4B-F557911838D3 Have 10 or more buffs during combat.

BLUF: Use The Silent, take transforms, unique buffs, powers and hope to get Dead Branch. Also pay attention to relic buffs and potions you own.

One of the harder achievements. It’s extremely annoying to go out of your way to get buff cards (and you need most of them to be powers) and having to draw all of them. If you’re lucky and get a Dead Branch as The Silent that generates Shivs you can easily gather enough buffs over time.

Without Dead Branch it’s a bit tougher. To start with, potions can give up to 3 different buffs:
Strength (permanent)
Dexterity (permanent)
Regeneration (5 turns)

There is only one relic that gives an unique buff: Pen Nib (1 attack).

Ironclad can gain the following 14 buffs, 13 from powers :

Strength, Metallicize,
Combust, Corruption,
Evolve, Feel No Pain,
Fire Breathing, Rupture,
Barricade, Brutality,
Dark Embrace, Demon Form,
Double Tap, Juggernaut,

The Silent can gain 14? buffs from the following 18 cards, 11 from powers:

Caltrops, Infinite Blades,
Novious Fumes, Well Laid Plans,
A Thousand Cuts, After Image,
Outmaneuver, Dexterity,
Blur, Dodge and Roll,
Flying Knee, Predator
Burst, Doppelganger,
Envenom, Phantasmal Killer (two separate buffs, on cast and double damage)
Tools of the Trade, Wraith Form,
Bullet Time (not the No Draw debuff)

There are 3 colourless cards that give buffs: Panache, Enlightenment and Sadistic Nature.

They have roughly the same difficulty to get the achievement, mostly because the power cards are hard to come by. The Silent is slightly better in that it cycles faster and there’s less overlap of buffs from relics.



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