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Slay the Spire – Starting & Common Relics

8 January 2018, Monday, 14:51:57


Starting Relics

Burning Blood- Gain 6 HP at the end of the battle, Ironclad only. I believe this is better than The Silent’s starting relic due to the fact that it only provides positive or nothing. It’s really good at keeping you alive and is useful for taking more battles.

Ring of the Snake- At the start of combat, draw two cards, The Silent only. It’s good for providing you more options at the start, but if a good amount of your amazing cards are in the start of your hand when you don’t have the energy to use, they are shown an early grave into the discard pile. Really good if you get extra energy on the start of your turn.




Common Relics

The Silent Only

Snecko Skull- Whenever poison is applied, apply another stack of poison. Best common relic for The Silent as it makes his poison runs much stronger, especially when you have Noxious Fumes, basically making it Noxious Fumes+ or Noxious Fumes++ if you’ve already upgraded it.



Anchor- Start combat with 10 block. Same thing with the Ironclad’s Burning Blood, at worst, neutral; at best, useful.

Ancient Tea Set- After going to a campfire, you have two extra energy for the start of your first turn for the next enemy encounter. Really good relic for the fact it’s a 100% use for the bosses, also makes Ring of the Snake much better.

Art of War- If you go a turn without playing attacks, gain one extra energy next turn. It’s really good for The Silent as his win conditions are more varied than hitting someone in the face. Unfortunately, The Ironclad cannot make as much use of this due to the fact he is restricted to that win condition.

Bag of Marbles- Give one Vulnerable to all enemies. A really potent start to your combat encounter, especially if you have an offensive starting hand.

Bag of Preparation- Literal copycat of Ring of the Snake, read above for my thoughts.

Blood Vial- Gain 2 HP at the start of combat. Useful if not very potent, its real viability comes in the vampire event where, instead of sacrificing max HP, you sacrifice it for the Bites.

Bronze Scales- Enemies attacking you take three damage. Good for a defensive run, but will not win it for you.

Dream Catcher- Resting at a bonfire lets you get new cards. Healing AND getting new cards!? Sign me up!

Frozen Egg- Upgrade a Power once you pick it up. Probably one of the best Egg relics you can get due to the fact that powers are extremely powerful cards.

Happy Flower- Every third turn, gain an extra energy. What can I say? Really strong.

Juzu Bracelet- Prevents enemy encounters from mystery spaces. Really good at keeping you alive if you spam mystery spaces.

Lantern- Gives you one energy for your first turn. Really good with Ring of the Snake.

Molten/Toxic Egg- Upgrades an attack/skill on pick up. Basic.

Oddly Smooth Stone/Vajra- Grants 1 Dex/Str at the start of the combat.

Omamori- Absorbs the next two curses you take. Lets you take some curse risks you might not have taken before.

Orichalcum- Grants 6 block at the end of your turn if you don’t have. Good for if the RNG prevents you from getting block cards. Kind of says something about the items when the fated material used in most RPGs is a COMMON relic.

Pen Nib- On every tenth attack, deal double damage. Basic if needing good planning.

Prayer Wheel- Non-boss chests contain cards. More cards.

Regal Pillow- Heals an additional 15 HP when resting at a bonfire. Probably best that it’s a static amount as having it be a percentage can make it too weak or too strong.

Singing Bowl- Increases max HP by 2 if you skip a card reward. Further rewarding you for keeping your decks trim.

Strawberry- Increases max HP by 7.

Tiny Chest- Increases current gold by 30%, makes chests appear 10% more in mystery rooms. Even better with Juzu Bracelet.

War Paint/Whetstone- Randomly upgrades 2 skills/attacks. Basic, best gotten later on.


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