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Slay the Spire – You Are Nothing Achievement Guide

14 January 2018, Sunday, 15:05:54


You Are Nothing Achievement

3FA35F0B-C6D5-4E41-8FA6-30F8E896DF0B Defeat a boss of turn 1.

Probably the hardest achievement even when prepared. It’s the most doable on the floor 2 boss because there’s not enough preparation time on floor 1, and 2 of the floor 3 bosses have counters. (resurrect, skipping your turn and even D&D are extremely tanky).

The highest turn 1 burst damage build, aside from infinite combos, is probably The Silent with Shiv generation. Having some potions will help especially for Strength and more energy. The Bag of Marbles relic helps immensely. Shuriken is also very good and having a Finisher or two can drastically improve your chances.



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