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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Cheats

14 May 2019, Tuesday, 6:30:49


Multiplayer Tips & Tricks

1 – This is my rifle

Get to know the differences between the rifles in the game, and choose according to their strengths. Some favour power, others range. Acquaint yourself with the various scope reticles, and the difference between a bolt-action and a semi-automatic.



2 – Server rules OK

Bullet-drop? Wind? Scope glint? Some servers may disallow certain weapons or items, while others may be headshots-only, or even one-shot-kills… Pay attention to server rules and find one that suits you, or make your own!



3 – Drawing a line

If the server allows them, bullet trails and scope glint are probably the quickest ways to figure out where an enemy player is – if you’re lucky enough to see them before they see you.



4 – The right tool for the job

Things can go from long range to up-close-and-personal very quickly. If you’re on a server that lets you use them, don’t forget your other weapons may be more helpful than you think. For example switching to your pistol rather than taking time to reload your rifle might save your skin.



5 – A cog in the machine

Play as a team! If the server allows it, tag enemy players to help everyone pick them off – if you’re on a ‘no tagging’ server you can still use your binos to look around. If you are playing Team Dog Tag Harvest, look out for friendly tags as these will draw out enemy players who are trying to collect them.



6 – Choose wisely

You choose your loadout before the game starts, but you don’t have to be stuck with it if something isn’t working – you can change your loadout from the pause menu and it will change next time you die. In fact, waiting to respawn is an ideal time to browse the catalogue.



7 – I can still see your feet

Stay in cover as much as possible, only sticking your head out when absolutely necessary. Use the 3rd-person camera as a periscope, keeping an eye out for movement and muzzle flashes. Be aware that your rifle/SMG stock may be poking up over your shoulder and betraying you.



8 – Gather no moss

And by ‘moss’ we mean ‘fatal bullet wounds’ – keep moving, darting from cover to cover. Sure, running around out in the open is a great way to get shot, but staying in the same place while you rack up kills is asking for trouble too – it won’t take experienced players long to figure out exactly where you are, and how to get rid of you.



9 – Long-distance relationships

Keep track of your team mates – and when they get shot pay attention to the kill distance, as it may help you figure out where the enemy is. Longer distances will require more experience with the maps, but a close-up kill may give away the shooter.



10 – Demolition Man

Familiarise yourself with the various explosives in the game. Get a feel for which pathways get the most foot-traffic, and therefore where mines are more likely to be stepped on. Don’t waste time laying traps where they stick out like a sore thumb though – look for areas in deeper shadow, and rooms filled with rubble. Place out of direct line-of-sight; round corners or at the tops of stairs. And to avoid being on the receiving end, remember that crouching will allow you to tread carefully over traps. Flush enemies out of cover with grenades – remember you can bounce them around corners!



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