Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts PC Keyboard Controls Guide

PC Keyboard Controls

Print out or refer to the following list of PC keyboard commands and controls for Sniper Ghost Warrior.


Move – W/S/A/D

Look – Mouse

Jump / Climb – Spacebar

Fire Weapon / Attack – Left Mouse Button

Aim – Right Mouse Button

Mask Mode / Thermal-vision module – Ctrl

Take Down – V

Interrogate – E

Main weapon – 1

Additional weapon – 2

Close-range weapon – 3

Reload – R

Change type of special ammo – Z

Throw stone – Q

Mark the target for remote turret – H

Open fire (remote turret) – G

Map – M


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How do you get across zip line ? I keep falling off zip line can’t hold on


i am looking also for solution of same problem.I am keep falling on Altai

Pavan Jangir

I had the same problem related to the game.
Please help me

Pavan Jangir

How do you get across zip line ? I keep falling off zip line can’t hold on.
Please solve my game problem.

Pavan Jangir

I can run, walk, jump etc…. but how the hell do you Jump and climb at the very start of the very first mission (on a keyboard)? No instrucrions how you jump the 3 metre gap and catch on to a rope. Help please, I cant get any further