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Soda Dungeon 2 – General Tips and Tricks

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General Tips and Tricks

Mystics are the only class with innate mp regeneration, meaning even before they unlock their level 25 skill, they have essentially unlimited mp. Please give them a healing stone, and you have a mini-nurse that can heal all trip long.


Boss fights all essentially boil down to ‘Have enough HP and damage reduction to survive the boss’ attacks, then heal up to full after each attack.’ Simple enough.


When using Nurses, dodge gear can speed up teams by reducing how much healing the nurses have to do. Damage reduction doesn’t have the same effect, as the Nurses will usually trigger a heal regardless of how much damage is done, but DR gear means you don’t need as much HP to survive a hit.


When close to a mastery milestone (25 or 50), you can do a quick run starting at level 1, equipping the team with Phantasmal Claws and any Triangle gems you have. This is the fastest way to earn Mastery XP.


Blademasters are not as terrible as you might think, but the second weapon slot is their real advantage. This lets them equip double Skull Swords for very high damage resistance or double Sabers for the highest dodge rates possible. They may also deal a bit more damage at low levels due to the extra attack from holding a second weapon.


Mining is not often advised. If you need a handful of metals, you can often get it just by turning on mineshafts in your key settings. If you want to do some mining, consider bringing a Huntress along in your team of Miners and taking all the unmarked portals. You’ll get a decent amount of Mineshafts which yield plenty of ore.


Single Nurse teams are vulnerable to the damage done to the Nurse, especially poison, when running without Group Heal or after it becomes less useful due to not scaling. In those scenarios, dodge and resist gear equipped on the nurse can help her stay alive.


Always buy all the iron ore and blue crystals you can afford after your runs. You will get to keep a portion of these when moving to a new dimension based on your blacksmith upgrades, and starting a new dimension with these resources can help. You can start with iron-crafted gear, and you can sell the blue crystals for more gold or use them for leveling up the iron gear.


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