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Solstice Chronicles: MIA – Boss Killing Guide

28 July 2017, Friday, 12:04:43


Boss Killing Guide

Having trouble fighting the many bosses in MIA? Well don’t worry!

Things to know off the start.

1. Grenade skill should be level 5 in order to get the stun ability

2. Flare skill distracts enemies, but not all. Higher the level, the more they are distracted

3. Depending on class and their skills. It can make fights easy or hard

4. Napalm Bomb does a lot of damage, but once placed. You have to trigger it with use, then wait 2 seconds. Timing will make of break.

5. Harpoon trap is in Survival only.

6. Some bosses show up in Singleplayer only, while others are both.

7. When using the bomb skill, the smaller the AoE, the better. Green area is safe, red area is bad.


These guys are pretty easy. The big guys with the gaint green back zit.

1. You can shoot them from the front, however make sure to have a lot of ammo. Watch out though, not poping his back will cause him to AoE acid.

2. Get your ‘grenade’ to level 5 because this will give you the ability to stun them. This way you can run behind them and shoot at their back which is the weak point.

3. Use drone ‘bomb’ which will stun them. However at the cost of increasing threat.

4. Use a harpoon trap (Survival). Simply get him to walk on the pad, but make sure to have 8 power.

5. Use a Flare to distract him


The four legged friend that drags you away.

1. Shoot him

2. Stun via ‘Bomb’ skill

3. Distract with a flare, then shoot him.

4. Use Harpoon (Survival)


Fluffy, Thanatos, Slasher, Elephant
The various dogs in the game. Most act the same, with different damage and skills.

1. Shoot them

2. Distract with Flare, then shoot.

3. Stun with Grenade

4. Kill or stun via ‘Bomb’ skill.

5. Harpoon Trap (Survival)


STROL Marine
A bigger version of you, but ugly.

1. Shoot him

2. Distract via Flare

3. Stun with ‘Bomb’ skill


Evil STROL human with Gas Mask

1. Shoot him

2. Use ‘bomb’ skill

3. Blowup a generator when he is close to it, but make sure your far away from it.

4. When he uses a blue sheild, you can blow it up with any form of damage. It has to be enough though so bullets work best.


The gaint worm that eats stuff.

1. Shoot him (Make sure you have a lot of bullets)

2. Dodge his leg spikes by moving left or right. His first set is traces, then the damage ones come in.

3. Pick your fight, since he will regenerate health when he goes under ground if you get too far from him.

4. Use ‘Bomb’ skill


The Good Doctor (Big Boss) (SP)
Once you see him, you can’t miss him.

1. Shoot him

2. Distract with flare, then shoot him.

3. Use ‘Bomb’ skill

4. Use the napalm bomb device, but make sure to time it right. It takes 2 seconds to heat up once you arm it by hitting ‘E’ on the device.


Evil Terminators (SP)
The clean up crew.

1. Shoot them

2. Distract with flare, then shoot them. However not all of them will fall for this.


Hellspawn, Hatchling
One is small, and the other is Tall. They both look the same, but the damage is different.

1. Shoot them

2. Distract with Flare, then shoot them

3. Stun with Grenade only works on the Small one.

4. Weak point is the head, but they have to be stunned first in order to hit it well.

5. Harppon trap only works on Hellspawn (Giant one)

6. Dodge spikes as it does crazy damage.

7. Use ‘Bomb’ skill

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