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Some Things You Need to Know Before You Buy ”Deus Ex Mankind Divided”


1-) The graphics on PS4 are amazing, I’m honestly shocked by how good it runs and looks. Huge kudos to the devs.




2-) The HUD is very good, I really love how smartly designed it is, every single thing is crisp and in proper place, to top it off, you can very heavily customize it.


3-) Inventory system is great, I love how every single item can be inspected in a full 3d with great models [you can literally read instructions on the boxes].


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™_20160818213838


4-) HUB, very detailed, multi-layered, and well constructed, a huge amount of secrets and hidden paths, you can feel that people who handcrafted it put a lot of work.


5-) Side quests, they went with quality, not quantity, each one is great and vastly different.


6-) Main missions, I’m amazed by the level design, truly, there’s so many paths and options that it makes my head spin, way more than in HR, please, never streamline that feature, it’s a blast trying to find all paths and items.


7-) CASIE dialogues, think HR but better and more intuitive, instead of simultaneously reading deep analysis of a person and trying to follow what they’re saying, we can just glance at some pretty straightforward indicator and choose the proper option very quickly, seems like it’s dumbed down, but the dynamic of the dialogue is much better and less artificial because of it.


8.) Breach mode is a great addition, tried it, and will definitely finish it.


9-) Bullet holes on enemies are only appearing on their uncovered skin [e.g. head, hands], When you shoot them in clothes/armor there’s no visible effect.


10-) No blood puddles, not a big deal, but kind of silly when someone riddled with bullets is lying on the ground dry as a desert.


11-) Gun sounds are pretty weak, battle rifle sounds like an ASG instead of a death-dealing machine gun, what’s also interesting is that guns in breach sound a lot more impactful.


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