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Sonic Mania – How to Get The Silver and Gold Medals

1 September 2017, Friday, 1:51:28


How to Get The Silver and Gold Medals

Sometimes you just can’t get through a certain Blue Sphere level, This section will help you, First get all the blue spheres around you without hitting the red spheres, if you do hit the red spheres, it will take you out of the Bonus Stage, Some Blue Spheres can’t be reach without jumping over red spheres or Bouncey Spheres, by doing that you can reach the Blue Spheres by Jumping over a 1 or 2 lines or Red Spheres or Bouncy Spheres. If you see a 3×3 or bigger square of Blue Spheres go around the Blue spheres by the edge of the square and leave the middle out, this will turn the square into Rings and will help you to get a perfect. Just by collecting all the Blue Spheres will lead you to a Silver Medal, Collecting all the Rings and Blue Spheres will lead you to a Gold Medal. By Collecting all the Silver Medals or Gold Medals will lead to an Achievement.




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