Sonic Mania PC Unlockables



Medal Unlocks:

When you collect the indicated number of medals by beating the various Blue Spheres special stages throughout the game you will unlock the following rewards.


Super Peel Out:
Collect 1 medal


Collect 6 medals


& Knuckles Mode:
Collect 11 medals


Debug Mode:
Collect 16 medals


Mean Bean:
Collect 21 medals


D.A. Garden:
Collect 26 medals


Blue Spheres:
Collect 32 medals


Easy ‘King Of Speed’ Achievement:
When you reach the Boss fight in Stardust Speedway Zone – Act 2 in less than 1 minute you will get the ‘King Of Speed’ achievement.


Unlock Super Sonic:
Super Sonic becomes a playable character when you have collected ALL 7 Chaos Emeralds in the special stages.


Unlock Blue Sphere Stages:
When you have collected ALL the medals from the Bonus Stages you will be able to unlock Blue Spheres stages in the Extras menu. There are 51 Blue Sphere stages in total you can play.


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