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South Park™: The Fractured But Whole™ – Farts Over Freckles Achievement Guide

10 October 2017, Tuesday, 16:22:00


Farts Over Freckles Achievement Guide

To get this achievement you have to fight against Morgan Freeman. Only white characters can fight with him. He does not fight black characters. You can change your skin color using PC Principial in Crunchy’s Micro Brew in the north-west of South Park. This can also be done after completing the story. Go to Freeman’s Tacos on the Main Street. Get behind the counter on the left side of the shop. Then, attack Morgan Freeman from behind to start the boss fight. He is a very tough boss with 9,999 health and can charm your allies to fight for him. He also summons a few minions during the fight. Since this boss fight lasts a long time, it is recommended to equip the Plantmancer’s class “Nature’s Gift” ultimate power. It allows you to revive all your allies and heal them. Always use this move as soon as the ultimate meter is full. Some good characters to use for this fight are Callgirl (she can attack at any range), Mosquito (he can self-heal with each hit), and Fastpass (he can turn invisible so can stay alive for longer). It is recommended to only attempt this after completing the story since it is too hard before then. Defeat Morgan Freeman to get the “Farts Over Freckles” achievement.



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