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South Park The Fractured But Whole – Friend Finder Achievement Guide

20 October 2017, Friday, 13:54:10


Friend Finder Achievement Guide

FAC76103-2752-48ED-B50E-DC6B58AD2AAA Acquire and unlock all Summons.

There are totally 4 summons, you’ll get two by the main-quests, the other two are granted throught side-quests. The first one is Jimbo’s quest: go to his gun store after strip-club night, take a wallet retrieve quest and complete it (the wallet is on the table to the right of the bar). The second quest is accessible after you have defeated Niggurath. Go to SoDoSop, precisely to Kenny’s home area, get up to the roof to the high Jerald. Take a drug quest (actually if you explore everything you have likely found it before, even not a single one). But if you haven’t, you will find the drug in Kenny’s house.



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