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South Park The Fractured But Whole – Fully Bloated Achievement Guide

20 October 2017, Friday, 13:21:26


Fully Bloated Achievement Guide

F1428B22-9D82-4BCF-9D15-E9317AABA0D6 Unlock all combat TimeFarts.

There are 4 sorcery types, you will get 3 as quest ones. You may get last one by geting Memberberries juice and cookie from Cartman mom. For juice you have to get a handle from the trash container near Skeeter’s bar. To do this you have to reach the roof and release the vent. Then you should go to the Hillvale farm (to the far North-East, road to Canada), in the begining of the location you should turn left – you’ll reach the juice maker. Put the handle in, you’ll get the juice. Then before or after complete simple quest for Cartman mom, you just need to give some business cards, after that she give us cookie. Take it to Freeman and he’ll give a new Taco receipt, make a craft and you got the magic.


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