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South Park The Fractured But Whole – Mr. Adams Headshot Locations Guide

25 October 2017, Wednesday, 13:30:20


Mr. Adams Headshot Locations Guide

This is one of the side quests/missions in South Park The Fractured But Whole. Scavenger Hunt: The Headshot Job requires you to find and place Mr. Adams’ headshots throughout South Park in order to help him out. Here you will know all 8 locations for this side quest/mission.


!!! The first 5 locations are not in any specific order.The first 5 don’t need missions passed to get to this area or to unlock a feature to be able to get this done. The last 3 locations are the only ones in order if you’re going by story progression. If you’re doing this after all the main missions/quests, then the location order doesn’t matter to you at all !!!



Location 1: Police Station

This one can be found right away as soon as the mission is accepted. In the lobby of the police station where Officer Mike (cop in the booth when you first enter the station) is at, there is a small board of wanted photos and a spot to place the headshot.




Location 2: City Hall

Outside of City Hall there is a community bulletin board. On the right side of the bulletin board you are able to place a headshot of Mr. Adams.




Location 3: Tweek Bros. Coffee

By the U-Store-It on the top right side of town you will find Tweek Bros. Coffee shop. Head inside to find a bulletin board right in front of the counter. Place the headshot there.




Location 4: South Park Community Center

Next to the school on the bottom of the map is the community center (south of the police station). Head inside the community center and move the ladder up to the bulletin board to the left of the podium. Move and climb the ladder and place the headshot there.




Location 5: Jimbo’s Guns

On the top right by the bars you will find Jimbo’s Guns. Inside just behind Ned on the left side by the entrance you will see a bulletin board under the moose head. You can place the headshot here.




Location 6: Peppermint Hippo

Ah yes, the amazing strip club. After you complete the mission The Bowels of the Beast (60) you will be able to enter the strip club from the front door without the bouncer kicking you out or waiting for you. Go inside and move the step ladder to the counter with the cash register. To the right of the cash register is a place for you to place the headshot on the Peppermint Hippo Wall Of Fame.




Location 7: South Park Elementary

To get this one you have to complete the mission/quest Medicinal Fried Fiasco (140). During this mission you will unlock the buddy power ‘Fartkour’. Head to the school and use the pinwheel that is to the right to get to the 2nd floor of the school. Once up there you can place the headshot on the Bull-etins board.




Location 8: Stark’s Pond North

In order to get to this one, you have to complete 2 missions. First is The Bowels of the Beast (60) (which is needed to get the Peppermint Hippo headshot location) since you unlock the buddy power ‘Diabetic Rage’ and then the mission The Hundred Hands of Choas (235) since the buddy power ‘Sandblaster’ is unlocked there. Once these 2 missions are completed head to the far left side of the map where you can get into Stark’s Pond and use ‘Diabetic Rage’ to move the power transformer to gain access in to Stark’s Pond. Head through to the north side of Stark’s Pond and you will see a bulletin board with red LEGOs (lava) in front of it. Use ‘Sandblaster’ to clear the LEGOs and you can then proceed to place the headshot on the bulletin board.




Prize & Completing the Side Mission/Quest

Once you have posted all the headshots in all 8 of the locations you can go ahead and go back to the police station. Speak with Mr. Adams and he will reward you with the following items:

– Idol of Inappropriate Touching (75 Might, +10% Status Effect Damage, +8% Ultimate Recovery)

– Fanatic Visage (100 Might, Gain 1 Movement Speed Square)

– Ability to selfie with Mr. Adams



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