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Needs & Moods

The character needs and their current mood is shown under the status tab. Each category can be viewed to see what kind of conditions are currently affecting that specific category.


The main mood indicator is OVERALL MOOD, but there are also subcategories which can affect overall mood and eventually lead to a mental breakdown. The subcategories are:


  • -Food – How well-fed the character is.


  • -Energy – What the current energy level for the character is.


  • -Comfort – How comfortable the character is feeling at the moment.


  • -Safety – How safe the character feels at the moment.


  • -Social – Feeling in terms of social belonging, having friends and friendly acquaintances, or enemies and unpleasant discussions. Any type of combat will affect safety negatively, unless the character has a trait making them immune.


  • -Health – The current health of the character.


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Once a subcategory falls down low enough it will generate a condition, which affects overall mood in a negative way. Therefore, if enough subcategories drop low enough at the same time the overall mood will drop very low and there is a risk for a mental break.


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