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Space Haven – Step-by-Step Guide To Build A Spaceship

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Step-by-Step Guide To Build A Spaceship

When starting to build your first spaceship its generally enough to start with 1 module of each facility. Keep the spaceship small initially, be careful with expanding the spaceship too much right from the get go, as that will eat up a lot of time and resources.


Don’t panic in the beginning. Your crew members will stay alive for a while even if you take a little time, they will use the airlocks to equip themselves with spacesuits. The airlocks also have a supply of oxygen which will give the crew members some refills for their spacesuits.


There is no need to draft your crew members. Crew members will carry out orders automatically. Use draft only in special situations, like combat.



Building for minimum life support

  • -1 Build tools facility – This is important to build in the beginning, as crew members cannot build without build tools.


  • -1 Oxygen Generator and 1 Gas Scrubber – Oxygen generator will provide oxygen and the gas scrubber will remove hazardous gases.


  • -1 Thermal Regulator – This module will produce heat or remove it, trying to maintain an optimal temperature for your crew members.


  • -1 or 2 Power Nodes – These will provide power within an area, place them in a way where they create a link to the core and cover the modules you have built previously.


  • -1 – 3 Lights – These will make the ship less dark (Allowing crew members to work faster).


Made a mistake? Don’t worry, you can always move facilities around and even dismantle them to gain back all resources.


If you built these and linked the power nodes so that everything is working, congratulations! Your crew members should now remove their spacesuits (If they were on) and will be able to survive as long as there is food and Energy rods for the core module.



Building for comfort

-Expand the spaceship hull – You want to start thinking about a kitchen area and sleeping area. Keep the expansion small enough in the beginning, 8×16 tiles is a good starting expansion for more space.


-Build 1 bed for each crew member you have currently.


-Build walls to surround the beds, creating a bedroom. Walls will block out uncomfortable elements like noise from noisy facilities.


-Place 1 power node, 1 thermal regulator and a light inside the bedroom. This will make sure the crew members have a comfortable bedroom. Make sure the power node is within reach of another power node already receiving power (Or build many power nodes to make sure that reach is enough)


-Build a Kitchen module


-Place a table and enough chairs close to the Kitchen module to let your crew members eat while sitting down.



Building for hyperspace capability

-Create two new expansions for a start to a bridge and another one for the hyperdrive.


-Expand the spaceship 8×8 to the left side for a bridge area.


-Expand the spaceship 8×10 to the right side for a hyperdrive (Engine area). Note! The hyperdrive cannot be rotated, so it is best to place the hyperdrive towards the right (back) of the spaceship.


-Build a navigation console and operations console in the bridge area.


-Make sure to build a power node if the navigation console is outside the current power grid.


-Build a hyperdrive in the engine area.


-Build a power node if the hyperdrive is outside the current power grid.


-If your ship mass is over the limit, build one more hyperdrive to compensate. Hyperdrives increase mass capability.


-Build a hull stabilizer


-Hull stabilizers enables hyperspace jump by strengthening the hull, they also add to the total hull stability amount.


-Congratulations! Your spaceship is now capable of jumping into hyperspace. Even if you run out of resources now you can jump into hyperspace to new areas and acquire more. Water and Food can be found aboard derelict ships, or traded with other factions.



Building for production

The best facilities to begin with are:


-A water purifier – This will allow you to produce more water by mining ice found on asteroids and using the water purifier to create purified water.


-A recycler facility – The recycler will work really well in the beginning, as it will allow you to salvage derelict ships for scrap resources and turn them into usable building materials with the recycler.


-Grow beds – Build one or two larger grow beds and start growing vegetables, fruits, and artificial meat. You want someone to be a botanist to speed up the process.


-Ensure you build a room specifically meant for grow beds only. You will want the room to have a light, a thermal regulator, and a CO2 producer. Plants will grow faster when they have access to light, CO2, and a steady temperature.



Building for ship-to-ship battles

-If you followed step 3 you should now already have at least one hull stabilizer.


-Build a shield generator and a shield console.


-Shields are operated via the shields console and require a crew member to function. Set Shields priorities in the crew management menu for at least one crew member per ship.


-Note that shield generators require system points, which are limited for each ship.


-Build one or more turrets and a weapons console.


-Turrets function as your spaceship’s attack mechanism.


-Turrets are operated via the weapons console. Set Gunner priorities in the crew management menu for at least one crew member per ship.


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